1. Who are B&V?
    We'd like to say that B and V are the brains behind the business, but, truth be known, they are in fact just the cute, furry figureheads. Busta is our gorgeous labrador and Vivienne the miniature dachshund is his nemesis! Anyone who lives with a daxie, be it owner or fellow pooch, will know they rule the roost! Inspired by our love of these two, B&V Trading was born.
  2. What do B&V do?
    Eat, sleep, repeat! Oh you mean what do B&V Trading do? Well we try and provide loads of great products to pet owners across Greater Manchester (and with the internet, who knows where else we may reach). All of our products are hand made by local producers, who like ourselves, are animal lovers. Whether it's fun, rest, eat or play we have products to suit every occasion.
  3. How did it all begin?
    So one day we were wandering through Altrincham Market and having sampled their fabulous food we went for a wander around their Artisan market (Artisan seems to be the 'in word' nowadays for brilliant local people who make their own products). We then had a lightbulb moment .. what about a dog stall? We sourced bandanas, snuggle sacks, toys and got to work on making our legendary home made treats and guess what? They liked us! That's where it all started and we're delighted to have continued ever since.
  4. So what can B&V do for me?
    We'd love you to bookmark our site and come back and give us a regular visit. This site is our on line version of our stall. Here we'll put up all your fabulous pictures (which are also on our Twitter and Instagram accounts), we'll give you an opportunity to order some of our range of stock, tell you what's new at B&V, submit your doggy snaps and even pass on some top tips for your pooch.
“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.”