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Furr Boost Beef dog drink
Furr Boost Beef dog drink

Furr Boost Beef dog drink

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Furr Boost is a tasty complementary drink for your doggo, designed specifically to aid your dogs well being. Suitable for dogs of all ages and breed from Puppies right through to Senior dogs.

Beef, broccoli and blueberry flavored it’s sure to be a big hit!

Composition: Water, Beef (10%), Broccoli (8%), Blueberries (4%), Flaxseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Salmon Oil, Dried Sea Kelp, Chicory root extract (as a source of the prebiotics FOS and Inulin, 0.36%), Yeast products (as a source of beta glucans, 0.004%):

Additives: Nutritional Additives (per 1000ml): Vitamins; Vitamin C 825mg, Niacinamide 15mg, Vitamin B1 8.3mg, Calcium-D-pantothenate 7.5mg, Vitamin B2 1.5mg, Vitamin B6 0.75mg, Folic acid 0.75mg, Biotin 0.075mg.