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Fish slices

Fish slices

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Something fishy?…’s a tasty option that’s a fish loving doggos dream!! 2 tasty slices (more like slabs!!) of compressed fish skins, set solid to offer a great chew!!

Made up from 100% sustainably caught fish skins (white fish & cod) there simply bound together in to “15-10cm slabs” (approx) and air dried with no chemicals or nasty additives. 
2 slabs are delivered in a paper wrapped bag and can be stored in an air tight container and enjoyed for up to 3 months (although in our house they don’t make it that long!!).  

Fish is a great way to get omega 3 into your doggos diet to help with joins, bones and coat and even their breath (in the long term).   

Alway give treats under supervision & make sure there’s access to fresh water.