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“Fetch it” compostable poop bags
“Fetch it” compostable poop bags

“Fetch it” compostable poop bags

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We bring you “Fetch it” poop bags!!

We’ve chosen the fetch it poop bags because they are the most environmentally conscious choice for cleaning up after your fourlegged family members!!

Being a dog pawrent doesn’t have to cost the earth!! 

Boxes include 4 rolls per box (recycled box of course!) 

why choose them?  

  • Certified EN13432 which means they are 100% compostable and degrade into natural elements. Please don’t confuse them with biodegradable plastic bags which take decades to degrade to microplastics.

  • These poo bags also have the added bonus of being suitable for home composting! 

  • They’re extra thick, split and leak proof thanks to there special star seal. 

  • Handy pack to store them in by your door so you don't forget to take them out & they fit regular poop bag holders                                  

And they’ve been developed and designed in Manchester with no plastic in sight!!