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Rocketo hornbeam chew Medium sized

Rocketo hornbeam chew Medium sized

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Dogs can get bored. Here’s a Pawfect solution to boredom and chewing with Rocketos hornbeam chew, the 100% natural wooden stick will always be the first choice for dogs when it comes to chewing, playing, or relieving  stress through chewing.  Hornbeam is well known for its strong structure and unlikelihood to split. Using only the leftover parts of sustainably grown and cut trees, it’s gently air-dry for days so that the wood becomes extra solid and almost unbreakable.  The size and shape might differ as it’s a natural product. 

Organic - toxic free - natural - fats & calorie free

Always supervise your dog when chewing amd make sure they have access to fresh water. 
Medium size - would suit ideally dogs 18-42 kg